Fabzia professional Coaching services

Fabzia not only avails you with our turf booking services by making your bookings in a very systematic and easy manner

We have come up with our own new Coaching services, where we train and coach kids for all sports activities such as cricket , football , basketball, volleyball, judo , karate , dance and much more . As we believe that Coaching kids not only enhances them by developing the true potential of a child but also analysis their performance of skills , training them to the best of our ability and guidance

As we provide with the best coaches to train them at professional level by helping them participating in matches at inter schools level as well as DSO and MSO the all round matches at state level and national level . We believe that a child should learn the sport he loves the most so that he can achieve his goals at a younger age having full knowledge of his liked game

Our coaches not only train the child for a game purpose but they believe in assisting the player to achieve his dreams . We build up their personalities and train them to be the best at what they pursue in life . Fabzia lets the youth shine fulfilling their wishes and dreams

Easy turf booking for SPORT players along with FABZIA TECHNOLOGIES

FABZIA TECHNOLOGIES is an online platform where you can book turfs and grounds simply by calling us on a Centralized number 7021420189/ 7621998998 which provides you with 24 hrs booking services

We provide turf bookings in all metropolitan cities such as Mumbai, Pune , Hyderabad, Banglore. As we know booking a turf can be a very hectic job to call on various turfs enquiry and then send a confirmation too in this process it gets a bit difficult to get your desired turf booking at your preference timings .

We are here to make your hectic process very much quick and easy by providing you with all available turf details at you timings as well as booking the turf for you.

Now not only you can play on turf at Discounted Rates but you can even bulk book the turfs via Fabzia . We also provide other services of arrangements of events , tournaments , birthday parties . Providing Coaching too for all sports activities too . We are here to help you out in making you booking experience reliable with fun playing .