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  • How to Secure Cookie in PHP using Session

    An alternative way to make data accessible across the various pages of an entire website is to use a PHP Session.session creates a file in a temporary directory on the server where registered session variables and their values are stored. This data will be available to all pages on the site during that visit. But

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  • MySQL Transactions

    MySQL transactions can be used when you want to make sure all the statements you specify are executed. Only the tables of InnoDB storage engine support transactions. In a transaction, if at least one statement fails, all the changes will be rolled back and database will be in its initial state. In web applications, it’s

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    At some point in your development career, it is likely that you will want to work on multiple MySQL servers. Personally, I like using phpMyAdmin for quick database management. However, what I don’t want to do is maintain multiple instances of phpMyAdmin. I also don’t want to install phpMyAdmin on any production web-servers. What I

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    In many web applications, we have to work with remote databases. It is very hard to manage those databases by accessing the remote server which our database run. Therefore, if we have a way to manage those databases locally using a UI, our task is getting easier. Now I will show you how to manage those

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  • Ajax Upload and Resize an Image with PHP.

    Today I am presenting the most important social networking feature called ajax upload and resize an image without refreshing the page using jquery and PHP. This tutorial a continuation of my previous post, I just included image re-sizing function for different dimensions. It is very useful for your web project that saves lots of hosting

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