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  • How to Filter data to prevent SQL Injection Attacks in PHP

    I have created a very simple function to filter user input and form which you have to filter all your parameter before adding in MySQL to prevent SQL Injection. If some Hacker try to attack on your website database by SQL Injection then you have this solution to prevent those attacks, this function escape characters

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  • SQL Server – Create Identity Column or Auto Increment Column

    Introduction: Here I will explain how to set or create auto increment column or identity property on column in SQL server. Description: In many situations we will insert records in table during that time we need to set unique value for that record if we use auto increment column then automatically generate unique number for

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  • Amazon Launches AmazonFresh for Food Take-Out and Delivery Service

    Amazon’s restaurant takeout and delivery services to rival companies like Seamless, Grubhub and DeliveryHero, has finally become functional. The service will be an additional feature on the Amazon Local app and website, as according to a report published by Techcrunch. The Takeout & Delivery feature was turned on over last weekend, and is currently functional

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  • How to Get Address From mySQL via PHP in Google Map

    this is a simple tutorial how we get address from database and then view the address location using google map. first create a company company

    let’s insert some data

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  • Steve Jobs criticized Google for “doing too much”

    Former Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs was known for his focused vision. During his tenure at Apple, Jobs focused on doing one thing incredibly well — making computers simple enough for everyday people to enjoy using, regardless of whether or not you knew the first thing about how they worked. Google is much different.

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