Android Emulator for Auto Developers


Google is releasing the Desktop Head Unit (DHU), a new testing tool for Android Auto developers. The DHU enables a developer’s workstation to act as an Android Auto head unit that emulates the in-car experience for testing purposes. Once a developer has installed the DHU, they can test Android Auto apps by connecting a phone … Read more

IIT Kharagpur lab develops software translate Indian languages into Braille


IIT Kharagpur’s Communication Empowerment Lab researchers, led by Anupam Basu, have developed a software that is capable of converting Indian languages into Braille. Named Sparsh Transliteration System, it can convert texts from languages like Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, Oriya, etc. Talking about the working of the software, Mr. Basu said that it takes lndian languages as … Read more

Masking Email Address – Avoid Spam


A better option to avoid spam email is to use temporary emails whenever possible. Certain websites ask you for your email address for different activities. For entering a comment, for example, you have to provide your email ID. Likewise, when downloading some free e-book, they ask you for your email ID, so that they can … Read more

Screen To GIF: Free software to create animated GIF Image within seconds


GIF image is highly sought file format amongst tech bloggers, who often write on how-to guides, as well as meme makers. Hence today we will look at a free yet extremely helpful software named Screen To GIF that helps you produce high-quality animated GIF image within a few moments. ScreenToGIF is probably the simplest way … Read more

How to Remotely Control Your Computer From a Phone or Tablet


Your dad is having an issue with the computer at home but in spite of giving him instructions for an hour, he can’t seem to fix the issue. One way to make sure he’s actually following the steps you’re dictating over the phone would be to use his phone as a webcam to quickly look … Read more

India’s Nimbuzz Plans New Emerging Market Apps, Starting With Android Call App Holaa

It’s nearly one month since Nimbuzz, the mobile messaging and calling service with 200 million registered users, was bought by UK telecoms company New Call in a $250 million deal. Today we get a glimpse of what’s to come after it released its first post-acquisition product: a dialer app for Android called Holaa!. Holaa (sorry, Nimbuzz, but adding ‘!’ just … Read more

Getting Ready for the Software-Defined Data Center

The Software program-Defined Data Center (SDDC) is at an early stage in its improvement, but software and hardware vendors are currently lining up to sell you SDDC items. EMC lately released its Federation Software-Defined Data Center Answer, a combined software stack that it hopes will serve as a reference architecture for all future application-defined data … Read more

Skype to stop voice calling phones and landlines within India from Nov 10


Microsoft has dropped a huge bomb today by disclosing that calls placed to and from Skype to mobile phones and landlines in India will be discontinued from early next month. So if you mainly use the service to make calls within the country, we’d recommend against renewing your subscription. Microsoft will pull the plug on … Read more