Facebook launches Facebook Lite for low configuration devices

Facebook is working on an app called Facebook Lite, which is optimized for low configuration Android devices. Facebook Lite launched in a limited number of countries across Asia and Africa over the weekend. Depending on the app’s feedback, Facebook Lite may expand to other countries.

The Facebook Lite app is only 252 KB, a size that is substantially lower than the 70.1MB Facebook iOS app and the 25MB Facebook Android app. Facebook Lite also works well on 2G Internet connections. The Facebook Lite app is based on Facebook’s feature phone client called Snaptu. Facebook Lite runs on Android 2.2 devices and up.

If you’re in one of the aforementioned eight countries where Facebook Lite has launched — and you have an Android phone — then you can download it from here.

The app has already crossed 10,000 downloads at the time of writing, with a 4.6 rating from an initial 788reviewers. The few early users tweeting about it seem impressed too.


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