One Click Extension Manager: Manage Chrome extensions

If you have multiple extensions installed in Google Chrome browser, whose icons take up a considerable amount of space on the computer screen, then this simple trick will help you disable them in an instant. Google Chrome doesn’t support one click disable feature. Every time you want to disable a extension you manually need to navigate to settings. … Read more

Chrome extensions to speed up & improve browsing experience


There are several extensions that are not needed if you’re not interested in switching from Chrome. For example, Xmarks is not necessary since Chrome has a built-in bookmark synchronization feature. With this feature, users can access their bookmarks anywhere they use Chrome. Whether it be on the desktop or mobile, their bookmarks will follow them. … Read more

Yahoo is now prompting Internet Explorer, Opera users to switch to Firefox

If you’ve recently logged into Yahoo, you shall notice that the company has started prompting Internet Explorer and Opera users to switch to Firefox Browser. The upgrade is also promoted on the new Yandex Browser. Users will notice an “Upgrade to the new Firefox” link on the top-right corner of their browser window. TechCrunch was … Read more

Google to introduce child-friendly versions of products

Google plans to roll out child-friendly versions of its most popular products in a bid to be “fun and safe for children”, USA Today reported, quoting Pavni Diwanji, the company’s vice president of engineering. The company will likely create specific versions of its search, YouTube and Chrome products for children aged 12 and under, the … Read more