NASA’s latest rocket successful test firing


The world’s largest solid rocket booster roared to life today, shaking the serene countryside of Promontory, UT, for a full two minutes. The booster filled the area with smoke and flame; viewers could actually see the fiery plumes “dance” and move around as they mixed with the surrounding soil. Below the test stand, a layer … Read more

Nasa’s RoboSimian to Help in Disaster Response Situations


Nasa researchers have designed a new ape-like robot for disaster response that can navigate dangerous situations and carry out complex tasks such as lifting debris off survivors. The RobotSimian has four identical limbs that act as arms and legs. They move the robot across rough terrain and rubble but can also pick up and manipulate … Read more

Nasa Selects 4 New Commercial Spaceflight Partners


Nasa has selected four US companies to collaborate with the US space agency to develop new space capabilities available to the government and other customers. The partnerships build on the success of Nasa’s commercial spaceflight initiatives to leverage Nasa experience and expertise into new capabilities, the space agency said in a statement. The companies selected … Read more

Elon Musk Gets Fresh Challenge With Nasa’s Manned Spacecraft Contract


With a $2.6 billion contract for his firm SpaceX to build a spacecraft for carrying astronauts to the International Space Station, Elon Musk’s star is on the rise again. South Africa-born Musk has become one of America’s best-known innovators, having launched a payments company, electric carmaker Tesla Motors, SpaceX and SolarCity, which makes solar panels … Read more

Nasa Plans Airships, Floating City for Manned Mission to Venus


Nasa plans to send solar-powered airships to explore Venus’ atmosphere and to eventually establish a permanent human colony in a floating cloud city above the Earth’s nearest planetary neighbour. Dale Arney and Chris Jones, from the Space Mission Analysis Branch of Nasa’s Systems Analysis and Concepts Directorate at Langley Research Center, in Virginia, have proposed … Read more

Nasa’s New ASTAR Software to Enhance Flight Efficiency

Nasa researchers have begun flight tests of a computer software that shows promise in improving flight efficiency and reducing environmental impacts of aircraft, especially on communities around airports. Known as Airborne Spacing for Terminal Arrival Routes (ASTAR), the software is designed to give pilots specific speed information and guidance so that planes can be more … Read more

International Space Station’s 3D Printer Pops Out First Creation

The first 3D printer in space has popped out its first creation. The 3D printer delivered to the International Space Station two months ago made a sample part for itself this week. It churned out a faceplate for the print head casing. Space station commander Butch Wilmore removed the small plastic creation from the printer … Read more

First Zero-Gravity 3D Printer Installed on International Space Station


Nasa astronauts have installed the world’s first zero-gravity 3D printer on theInternational Space Station (ISS). With the 3D printer, astronauts will soon begin experimenting with additive manufacturing technology in microgravity, the US space agency said in a statement. Commander Barry Wilmore installed the printer, about the size of a small microwave oven, in the Microgravity … Read more