PM Narendra Modi crossed 10 million followers on Twitter


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has crossed the 10 million followers mark  on the popular social media Twitter. Modi, made his Twitter debut in January 2009, is the second most followed politician on Twitter, behind US President Barack Obama and ahead of Mitt Romney (USA). Besides, he is also the third most followed world leader behind Obama and … Read more

Twitter suffers massive outage on all online platforms; back now


Twitter appears to be down for most users. Users complained on Reddit that they had been logged out of their accounts from Android apps, and the mobile and desktop versions of the site. The only place where Twitter appears to be working for now is iOS. We tried accessing Twitter via an iPhone and found … Read more

Instagram takes down account of alleged New York cop assassin


Popular photo-sharing service Instagram on Saturday took down the account of the man said to be behind the “assassination” of two New York City police officers, after the 28-year-old gunman’s veiled threats and provocative messages went viral in the wake of the execution-style shootings. Posted just hours before Ismaaiyl Brinsley allegedly walked up to two … Read more

Facebook’s Year in Review feature: Create a beautiful post remembering 2014

After playing around with ‘Say Thanks’ videos, and the ‘Lookback’ video at the end of 2013, be prepared for a new kind of auto-generated post to fill your News Feed on Facebook. This year’s Facebook Year in 2014 will let you share your most special moments in the form of a beautiful post. You can … Read more

Facebook now automatically enhances your photos in latest iOS app updates, Android to follow soon

Facebook has started rolling out an update, which will automatically enhance the photos you upload from your mobile device. As reported by TechCrunch, the upcoming update to the Facebook app will have a slider to enhance the light, shadow, and clarity, or revert back to your original shot. It will also auto-enhance photos – a … Read more

‘Dark social’ traffic coming mostly from Facebook


Now, according to web analyst firm Chartbeat, most of that traffic turns out to be coming from Facebook’s mobile apps. The findings means that Facebook is more prominent than most media and publishing companies had earlier thought, reported. “Dark Social” refers to when links have been shared via an online chat, email or app … Read more

Researchers warn social-media data used for studies could be bias


As researchers are mining Facebook and Twitter data to learn about online and offline human behaviour, a new study warns them to be wary of serious pitfalls that arise when working with huge social media data sets. Such erroneous results can have huge implications as thousands of research papers each year are now based on … Read more

At China online coming-out party, Beijing spells out Internet control ambition

China showed governments and the planet’s biggest tech firms last week its vision for global Internet governance – clean, controlled and choreographed. Public officials and firms worth $2.5 trillion in market value, from Apple Inc to Facebook Inc, got first-hand exposure in the postcard-perfect town of Wuzhen as China showcased its first ‘World Internet Conference’ (WIC). “This place (Wuzhen) is crowded with … Read more